Auntie's Angel's Food Cake

Auntie’s Angel’s Food Cake

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Ursula LeCoeur Victorian Suspense New Orleans

Better Than Better Cheddar

In 1922, Lagenstein’s Grocery opened in uptown New Orleans. At some point in the next 91 years, the family-run store concocted Better Cheddar Dip, a delightful cheese and spice spread that has been a staple at New Orleans parties for longer than anybody can remember. It’s available every day in the cold foods case at […]

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Illustration of French Market circa 1888

New Orleans Invented the Cocktail, Poker, Jazz and Plenty More

Mary Reporting. New Orleans claims many firsts, including the invention of craps and poker, the mixing and naming of the cocktail, and the rise of the new music called jazz. None of these is surprising given the city’s disparate cultures, international visitors and boundless creativity. Here are some other New Orleans firsts: First Catholic School […]

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