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Grandmere’s Cheese Souffle

A cheese soufflé is a comfort food, perfect in the cold weather we’ve had in New Orleans lately. What’s more, the ingredients are probably in your refrigerator—milk, butter, sharp cheese, bread, and eggs—so you don’t need to venture out to the store. The word soufflé means breath, so named because it depends on the air […]

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ursula lecoeur

Turkey-Andouille Gumbo

About the third or fourth day of turkey sandwiches, it’s time to take a break from holiday shopping, stay home and make a delicious gumbo. As Louisiana gumbos go, this is a simple one—turkey, andouille sausage and plenty of spices served over rice. My grandmothers boiled the turkey carcass for hours and made their own […]

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Leek and Potato Soup

Ready to try a soup that’s not made with a roux? Leek and potato soup is delicious and easy to make in under an hour. According to Mobilian Eugene Walter—novelist, cookbook author and family friend—in his book Hints and Pinches, leeks were grown in Gulf Coast regions prior to World War II, but then fell […]

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