Love in New Orleans Series

Set in New Orleans in the 1880s, our books invite readers into a world of lavish garden parties, elegant opera premieres and masked Mardi Gras balls. A world where gentlemen with big ideas make and squander fortunes in a flash. A world where ladies run their own businesses, attend college and even ride velocipedes. A world peopled with saints and sinners. A world where more often than not, it’s difficult to determine which is which.

The Perfect Partner

Ursula LeCoeur Perfect Partner Romance Novel

Vespasian Colville’s life is unraveling. Expelled from college, he spends his time writing passionate love letters to a disinterested widow. The only job he can get is freelance work for one of the local newspapers.

Carine Bouchard’s pleased to be drafting what she’s certain will be a sensational first novel, while earning a modest salary as an advice columnist for the Daily Picayune.

Until the editor makes Vespasian her new writing partner. . . .
There’s nothing new about it. They’ve known each other since childhood. Carine believes he’s a slacker and rakehell. He finds her bookish and boring. She wants to cut him down at the knees. He wants to remove her thick eyeglasses. Sparks fly as they struggle to agree on responses for their column—especially after she enlists his help in adding intimate details to her novel.

But when they receive a letter from a young woman being poisoned by her own family, their fledgling partnership faces the hardest test yet.  Out now! Buy Now 

The Devious Debutante

Final Devious 4

Maureen Collins has her heart set on Benjamin Merritt from the moment she meets him. Yes, it’s odd he wears workman’s clothes and watches her house at midnight. Stranger still, for a Yankee lawyer from Philadelphia, he seems to prefer spending his evenings prowling the levee rather than calling on her.

Merritt leads a double life. By day, he’s an expert in admiralty law. By night, he stalks the docks with knife and gun, tracking opium smugglers for the U.S. Customs Service. His prime suspect is Maureen’s father, Patrick Collins, one of the port city’s biggest shippers. When Merritt finds opium smuggled in the roots of camellias, a plant Maureen cultivates in her greenhouse, he fears the beautiful botanist is also involved in the smuggling ring.

Can Merritt prove Maureen and her father are innocent? Can Maureen love a man who has so many secrets? Buy Now

A Christmas Kiss

Ursula LeCoeur Christmas Kiss Romance NovelThe daughter of a fisherman in Vacherie on the Mississippi River, Michelle D’Artois falls in love with Auguste Fabre, handsome son of the largest landowner in the parish. They pledge their love and promise to meet and marry in the city in six weeks.

But when Michelle climbs from her window before dawn, boards a steamer and arrives in New Orleans on Christmas morning, Fabre fails to meet her. Betrayed, homeless and hungry, she makes her own way.

Two years later, Michelle, a successful manager at Desselle Millinery, decides to return to Vacherie for the holidays.

The last person she expects to meet on the steamboat is the man who broke her heart.

Will this be the worst Christmas ever, or the best? Buy Now

The Willing Widow

Ursula LeCoeur Willing Widow Romance Novel

Renee Desselle is a beautiful young widow who owns a thriving French Quarter millinery. Irishman William Collins is a newcomer to New Orleans who manages his uncle’s prosperous cotton brokerage.

Each harbors a secret that makes a new love impossible.

In the midst of the city’s preparations for the World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition of 1884, Renee assists a desperate society matron who is being stalked by a mysterious stranger. William undertakes the search for an embezzler on the Cotton Exposition Committee. As their investigations intertwine on a path that leads to love—and murder, passion ignites between Renee and William.

Can they put their past behind them and trust each other? Can they find love in each other’s arms when the whole city seems to conspire against them? Buy Now