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To celebrate the launch of The Perfect Partner on August 31st, 2017, we are hosting a giveaway of all three books in the Love in New Orleans Series: The Willing Widow, The Devious Debutante, and The Perfect Partner. We are including book swag like, Mardi Gras inspired beads, bookmarks & postcards. Additional prizes are Sterling Silver Earrings from a New Orleans jeweler and a Library Tote Bag!

About the Book:

Ursula LeCoeur Perfect Partner Romance Novel

Fans of the Love in New Orleans Series have been worried about Vespasian Colville since the publication of The Willing Widow in 2014. Many readers are perplexed that such a man—handsome, rich, charming to elderly chaperones, playful with animals and children—has not found a wife. They’ve said as much to Helen and me at every opportunity.

I remind them he’s been expelled from two Jesuit colleges (where the good fathers are known for their leniency), he spends his days drinking and seducing married women, his nights gambling and visiting ladies of the evening. Is there a lady in the world who would have him? There is one in the city of New Orleans, a woman who matches him in intelligence and wit. The only problem is she despises him.

Ursula LeCoeur’s The Perfect Partner is a Victorian romance set in New Orleans in the Gilded Age. In a city that knows pleasure—from elaborate balls to decadent food and drink—true love can be elusive. Of course, there’s always a love potion from the local voodoo priestess. And when wills and testaments don’t please the family, there’s “inheritance powder,” a popular name for arsenic, to get rid of an undeserving relative. On a quest to gather evidence of the culprits’ dastardly plan, two advice columnists on the cusp of love traverse some of the city’s most fascinating ways and byways.

Vespasian Colville’s life is unraveling. Expelled from college, he spends his time writing passionate love letters to a disinterested widow. The only job he can get is pick-up work for one of the local newspapers.

Carine Bouchard’s pleased to be drafting what she’s certain will be a sensational first novel, while earning a modest salary as an advice columnist for the Daily Picayune. Until the editor makes Vespasian her “new” writing partner. . . .

There’s nothing new about it. They’ve known each other since childhood. Carine knows he’s a loafer and rakehell. He finds her bookish and boring. Sparks fly as they struggle to agree on responses for their column—and especially after she enlists his help in adding intimate details to her novel. But when they receive a letter from a young woman being poisoned for her inheritance, their fledgling partnership faces the hardest test yet.

Readers who enjoy romances by Amanda Quick, Madeline Hunter, Tessa Dare and Elizabeth Hoyt will soon fall under the spell of LeCoeur’s latest witty and headstrong heroine, Carine Bouchard.

See an excerpt from The Perfect Partner by Ursula LeCoeur….

“Dear heavens. She was talking to a dog. She must be losing  her mind. But then it had been quite a day. The rejection from Mr. Putnam, the last of the big publishers to decline her novel. A reader who was being poisoned. She picked up the decanter of sherry and poured a generous glassful and took a big swallow. She took another sip, licked her lips, allowed a much smaller second sip to remain in her mouth a few seconds. It tasted bitter and molded,
both. In fact, she’d say it tasted like rotted berries laced with ash. Bending at the waist, closer to the dog’s head, she whispered. “Not much of a sherry drinker, is our Mr. Colville? This must be a vintage brought from France by Bienville himself.” She scratched Balzac under the chin for a moment. His mouse-grey fur reminded her of the new sealskin coats that were all the rage. His fur felt soft on her fingertips. She stroked his back, addressing
him directly. “I don’t suppose dogs are allowed to have spirits, so I better not share with you. I’ll just sit down again and wait. I shouldn’t have agreed to a ride home. Do you accompany him about town in the cabriolet, Balzac?”

The familiar bark followed her question.
Feeling a little dizzy, she made her way back to one of the two chairs in front of the desk and dropped into it. Her limbs felt like jelly. Balzac followed and sat at her feet. The sherry honestly bordered on repulsive, but something in it made her want more. She took another sip and another. She’d poured it; she wasn’t going to waste it.
In a few minutes, she felt much calmer. Perhaps on the drive to her house, she would ask Vespasian to inform her about the intricacies of courtship, knowledge imperative to rewriting certain scenes in her novel.
The light that spilled in through the French doors warmed the room. The library grew very hot, or she was feverish. She wasn’t sure which. She raised her hand to her damp fichu. She touched the back of her wrist to her forehead and hairline, both wet with perspiration. It hadn’t been so warm in this room earlier. The sun was about to set. Why wasn’t it getting cooler?
Something was dreadfully wrong with her. Her heart beat faster, her stomach felt unsettled. It was unthinkable for a lady to remove her fichu in someone else’s library, but what was the harm? She could put it back on quickly. It wasn’t like the bodice of her plisse dress was all that low-cut. With shaking fingers, she unknotted the lace about her neck and dropped the fabric to the floor. Balzac raised his head and stared at her for a moment, then readjusted his position at her feet and closed his eyes”. – Pages 60 – 61, The Perfect Partner by Ursula LeCoeur 



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