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Shrimp Scampi

    I buy fresh Gulf shrimp of various sizes from one of two “fresh catch” shops in nearby Chalmette. Peeling and deveining shrimp is a pain, but it must be done. I have no special technique beyond getting the shell off and running a paring knife along the middle of the back to get […]

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In my family, the cheese straw was reserved for elegant cocktail parties, particularly during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Linen napkins, crystal sherry glasses, beautiful china. That was the setting for my grandmother’s cheese straws. No one is certain of the cheese straw’s origin. Tradition has it that the first published recipe can be found […]

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Remoulade Sauce

    Remoulade Sauce is another one of those charming Louisiana recipes that is never made the same way twice. The sauce originated in France as something similar to tartar sauce. Sauce is a French word meaning “a relish to make food more appetizing.” Such strategies were necessary for cooks before refrigeration. Remoulade—a mayonnaise-based sauce […]

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