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ursula lecoeur

Were the 1880s the Golden Age of the Dog?

Reader Charles Padgett asked what sort of pets Americans owned during Victorian times. Short answer—birds, dogs and cats—in that order. Settlers arrived in America with dogs, cats and a penchant for caging songbirds. The first two  served useful purposes on the farm. Caged birds provided entertainment indoors. By the second half of the 19th century, […]

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Hope in a Jar: Victorian Ladies Made Themselves Up

It’s no secret Cleopatra wore green eye shadow and blackened her brows and eyelashes with kohl, a mix of lead, copper, ash and burnt almonds. The Greeks and Romans favored white lead paint on their faces with rouge of crushed mulberries. In England in the 1700s, the fashionable outdid themselves with powdered wigs, powdered faces, […]

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