Monthly Archives: January 2014

Queen Victoria Sets Style

Mary Reporting. The glossy covers of magazines devoted to brides display one white wedding dress after another as wedding season 2014 approaches. Most brides today follow the tradition of a white dress, be it long or short, straight or full, strapless or sleeved, with or without a train. We owe the white wedding dress, for […]

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Birds of a Feather Trim Hats

Mary Reporting. My mother’s mother, called Grandy by her five grandchildren, loved hats, particularly wide-brimmed, plumed and variously ribboned ones. She rarely left the house without one. As the family story goes, when I was three, I eyed my grandmother in a wide-brimmed hat decorated with a stuffed bird nestled in a circle of tulle and […]

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Grandmere’s Cheese Souffle

A cheese soufflé is a comfort food, perfect in the cold weather we’ve had in New Orleans lately. What’s more, the ingredients are probably in your refrigerator—milk, butter, sharp cheese, bread, and eggs—so you don’t need to venture out to the store. The word soufflé means breath, so named because it depends on the air […]

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